Sunday, August 02, 2009

United Way

Hello Everybody,

The Saint Lucie County Branch of the United Way has joyfully agreed to use Live, Laugh, and Love the Golden Moments of Life in it's fundraising efforts! You know what that means - show them some love and support!

Thank you SLC United Way!

Have a great week,

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Monday, July 20, 2009

The View

Hello Everybody,

The View has graciously offered to distribute 240 copies of Live, Laugh, and Love the Golden Moments of Life in the New York area! The books will be made available through several local charity orginizations! It's going to be a great way for those of you in the New York area to support a wonderful cause and enjoy a great story!

Until later - keep on smiling!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Filming anyone

Hello Everybody,

I'm taking the blog in a new direction. I will posting a summary of what happened through the week. This week the most significant thing that happened was the notion to do some filming. Leaving me trying to decided - digital or film! I'll ponder this some more through the upcoming week and talk with a few people to see what they think is the best format to use.

On the funnier side of things - the county says that they're going to raise taxes because people haven't been paying. It's funny because the average homeowner's comment was that if the taxes go up any higher they're not going to be able to pay them. That's funny - solve the problem of unpaid property taxes by making the taxes higher and seriously expecting fewer people to not pay them. LOL - the things we do to ourselves!

Take care - have a great week - and as my uncle loves to say, keep smiling!